Here are a selection of resources that focus on enabling successful employment for young autistic people. They generally draw together a range of good practice derived from autistic people, industry professionals, and researchers.

Launching Lives Report by Dr Jonathan VincentThe first report, Launching Lives: transition from university to employment for students on the autism spectrum reflects some of the best practice from a range of different organisations, initiatives, and researchers from across Canada and the United States which are then related to the UK context. It highlights the importance of proactive transition planning, collaboration between agencies, and better research in the field. It was written by PRO Autism’s Dr Jonathan Vincent and is based on his Winston Churchill Fellowship (2017).


Remington and Pellicano report - internship at Deutsche BankThe second report, An Internship Programme for Autistic Graduates at Deutsche Bank, UK, written by Dr Anna Remington and Prof Liz Pellicano, focuses on the experiences of autistic young people engaging in a paid internship programme. It brings together, through interviews, some key recommendations regarding autism-inclusive recruitment.


The final report, Neurodiversity at Work, written by CIPD and Uptimize, serves as a guide for HR professionals and leaders across functions who want to learn more about neurodiversity. It highlights the benefits for their organisation, and how they can support neurodivergent people to be comfortable and successful at work.