Follow-up study

We want as many people as possible to complete our free online course but we are also really interested to know if and how it has helped you in gaining employment.

We would like everyone to complete a short and anonymous evaluation once they have finished the course. 

However, we are also looking for around 15 students in their final year or recent graduates to take part in 3 follow-up interviews over the following year which will take place via MS Teams. Questions will centre on your employment experiences and the factors that have impacted on this.

You are eligible to take part if you meet the following criteria:

  • You identify as autistic or have a formal diagnosis of autism spectrum condition
  • You are in your final year studying at a UK university or have graduated from a UK university within the last 3 years
  • You have the time and resources to complete an online employability course
  • You have a valid email address through which you can receive your online gift cards.

Unfortunately, we don’t have capacity to interview everyone but if you are selected to participate in the interviews (based on gaining a diverse group) then you will be reimbursed with a £15 online gift-card each time you take part. This will be emailed to you following the interview.

Ethical approval has been granted by York St John University for this research [RECEDU00059].

If you would like to read through the participant information or consent form, please click here [Insert docs here]